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  RC = Rolecall Time  
Jan 7-8 Week 1      Jan 14-15 Week 2   MLK Weekend Jan 21-22 Week 3       
Pennsauken, Burl. Twp, Audubon, HHBL  1/7 RC 830am Hamilton, NBC, HHBL 1/15 RC 830am  NBC,  Burl. Twp, Willingboro,Palmyra  1/21 RC 900am
Riverside, Jamesburg, Pemberton, Millstone 1/7  RC 330pm Burl. City, Pemberton, Triton, Burl. Twp 1/14 RC 130pm Audubon, Haddon Twp, HHBL, Pemberton 1/21 RC 805am
Delran, Haddon Twp, Triton, NBC  1/7 RC 1030am Bordentown, Millstone, West Windsor, Robbinsville 1/14 RC 930am Jamesburg,  Millstone, Hamilton, Lawrence   1/21 RC 830am
Maple shade, Hamilton, Burl. City  1/8  RC  830am Palmyra, Haddon twp, Lawrence, Seneca  1/15 RC 915am West Windsor, Maple Shade, Riverside  1/22 RC 830am
Robbinsville, Palmyra, Lawrence, Bordentown 1/8  RC 830am Lenape, Jamesburg, Maple shade, Pennsauken 1/15 RC 820am Triton, Delran, Rrobbinsville, Pennsauken  1/22 RC 830am
Willingboro, West Windsor, Seneca, Lenape  1/7 RC 1130am Delran, Willingboro, Riverside, Audubon  1/14 RC 1030am Seneca, Bordentown, Lenape,Burl. City  1/21 RC 1230pm
Jan 28-29 Week 4      Feb. 4-5  Week 5     Super sunday Feb  11-12 Week 6
Burl. Twp, Pennsauken, Haddon Twp  1/29 RC 830am Seneca , lawrence, Millstone, NBC  2/4 RC 1230pm Milstone, Riverside, Robbinsville, Willingboro  2/12 RC 800am
Riverside, Millstone, West Windsor, Seneca  1/28 RC 330pm Triton, Audobon, Jamesburg, West Windsor  2/5 RC 830am Jamesburg , Delran, HHBL  2/11 RC 830am
Mapleshade, Audobon, Bordentown,Hamilton  1/29 RC 830am Palmyra, Burl. Twp, Pemberton, Bordentown  2/5 RC 915am Maple Shade, NBC, Audobon, Bordentown,  2/12 RC 830am
lawrence, Jamesburg , Pemberton, Willingboro 1/29 RC 900am Willingboro, Robbinsville, Haddon Twp 2/4 RC 1130am Burl. City, Seneca, Triton, Lawrence 2/11 RC 130pm
Palmyra, HHBL, Triton, Lenape  1/29 RC 915am Lenape , Hamilton, Riverside, Delran  2/5 RC 820am Palmyra , Lenape, Pensauken, Haddon Twp.  2/12 RC 915am
NBC ,Burl.City, Delran  1/28 RC 900am Pennsauken, Burl. City, HHBL, Maple Shade  2/4 RC 830am Hamilton, Burl. Twp , West Windsor, Pemberton 2/12 RC 830am
    March 4-5 Week 9 / NJSIAA States
Feb  18-19  Week 7  Pres. Weekend  Sunday Feb 26 Week 8  / NJSIAA Regions  
NJSIAA Districs Grapevine Tournament / BCIT  

The purpose of the Grapevine Wrestling League Web Site is to provide timely information regarding the organization for the whole league, from the wrestlers and parents on down to the coaches.


The Grapevine Wrestling League is here to provide a competitive wrestling league for member teams in New Jersey and to provide rules and guidelines for member teams to follow in preparation for and during competition.


The intention of the league is to create an atmosphere for the youth wrestler from Kindergarten through 8th grade, which will aid in the teaching of skills, development of sportsmanship, and the encouragement of continued participation in the sport of wrestling into High School and beyond. 

All Grapevine Teams the updated version of Grapemashers can now be found in the Documents section of the web site. Please click on the Documents tab in the left side column then click on Grapemasher in the section and you will find the update. Please e-mail to get your new license to use the software.




 General Membership Meeting dates for the 2016/2017 season:


Next meeting


May 1, 2017

 All General Membership Meetings

start time 7:00 pm

Held at Northern Burlington HS Cafeteria 


by League Board posted 11/20/2014
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